Hadley TRIAD / SALT Council News
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What is TRIAD?  
TRIAD is a collaboration of police, fire, sheriff, district attorney, older adults, councils on aging personnel, protective services personnel, and representatives from civic groups.  They have a common goal of safety and security for seniors in our community. 

TRIAD Meetings
Triad meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month September- December and again March- May at 9:30 AM.  

Number Please: In an emergency, seconds count!
Help emergency personnel quickly locate your home in an emergency. Call to have a red placard with reflective numbers installed in your front yard, close to the road. A suggested donation of $7 helps defray the cost of the materials. Call (413) 586-4023 to have one installed or if your current one is in disrepair.                                             

Lock Box Program
What is a lockbox? It’s a small box with a combination lock that holds your house key. Placed as inconspicuously as possible, emergency personnel are the only ones with the combination. If you are elderly, live alone, or have a medical condition that warrants calling for help, having a lockbox means you will get help quickly, easily, and without having to repair a door or window. 
Call (413) 586-4023. Suggested donation $30.


Reminder: No one legitimate will call asking you for your Social Security number or account information. Unless you have made the call yourself, never give out ANY identifying information.