Voting & Elections

How to Register

You may complete a voter registration card in person at the town clerk's office. You may call the town clerk at 413-584-1590 and request a mail in form or call the State Elections Division at 1-800-462-VOTE to request a form and mail it to the town clerk's office in your town. When your voter registration is received and processed by the town clerk, you will receive a confirmation that you are now registered to vote, what precinct you are in, and where your polling place is located. In addition, branches of the state Registry of Motor Vehicles, social service agencies and military recruitment offices provide voter registration services.

Am I Registered?

Click here to find out if you are registered.

Registration Deadlines

You must register to vote at least twenty days before any Town or State Election or Primary in order to be eligible to vote at the polls. You must register at least ten days prior Special Town Elections or Special Town Meetings.

Annual Census

The Annual Census is conducted in January each year as required by Massachusetts State Law. You should return it as soon as possible. The census is important for many reasons. The current population count is the basis for allocation of State and Federal Funds. Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veteran's bonus, housing for the elderly, and many other related benefits. Also, if you do not return your census, it may affect your voting status. The town census is the only way the Town Clerk can verify residency. That is important for school enrollment, the voter's list, and maintenance of updated statistics.

Where Do I Vote

Senior Center, 46 Middle St. There is only one precinct in Hadley.