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The Hadley BOH  most strongly advises all Hampshire county residents to stay home as much as possible, wear a mask when you leave your home,  avoid eating in restaurants including those with tents set up,   avoid going to gyms, shop only as necessary and maintain social distancing while in a store, and have only household members in their homes during the coming holiday season.  


Tips for a safer thanksgiving -



In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic the Board of Health in Hadley is working to keep us all as safe as possible.  We are charged with ensuring that all businesses in Hadley are in compliance with the State Guidelines.

If you have a concern regarding a business please call the BOH and leave a voicemail.  We are following up on all complaints in a timely manner as mandated by the State.  Below is the State escalation policy.  We will begin to  list here on the website all businesses that have reached the second phase of the escalation policy who remain non-compliant.


1.  Verbal consultation and redirection.Up to one time before escalation
2.  Written redirection              Up to one time before escatation
3.  Fines up to $300.00Up to 3 times before escalation
4.  Cease and Desist order - the local BOH  and the State do not have the authority to close a business for violation of COVID 19 workplace safety standards.  Where continued non-compliance with COVID 19 workplace safety standards warrants the closing of a business, the local BOH or State DLS must first seek a court injunction.        






Welcome to the Board of Health for the Town of Hadley.  Meetings are held every two weeks on Thursdays at 7:00 pm.  If you cannot attend a scheduled meeting, please call the office and leave a message at (413) 584-4562 or email below.

The Board of Health accepts sharps (needles) at the Health Nurse Office. Questions? Please call (413) 586-4023   Ext. 4

Email the Office of the Board of Health

Board Members



Greg Mish



Appointed Health Department Staff

NameTitlePhone Contact

Administrative Assistant


Town Nurse

(413) 586-4023 ext. 4

Debra Palmer & Dave Zarazinski

Food, Pool and Camp Inspection Agent

Richard Wilga

Title V System Inspector & Soil Evaluator

Plumbing and Gas Inspector


Ray Shipman

Alt. Plumbing and Gas Inspector

Burial Certificate Agent


Animal Inspector