Agricultural Commission

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Hadley Agricultural Commission. We serve the residents and farming community of Hadley per the Mission Statement below. If you would like to contact the Commission, please either contact Town Hall or email the Commission at:

The Agricultural Commission meets as needed throughout the year. Please check for posted meetings if you would like to attend future meetings.

Mission Statement

The Agricultural Committee for the town of Hadley serves to:

  1. Promote the valuable and storied agricultural history within the town and promote the current agricultural businesses that are within the town,
  2. Promote agricultural issues and provide representation on behalf of Hadley farmers and the residents of Hadley in regards to agriculture and
  3. Aid in educational outreach for the town in regards to agricultural issues and activities.

The Hadley Agricultural Commission would especially like to highlight the proud fact that Hadley is a Right-To-Farm town that is proud of its agricultural heritage and current agricultural economy. More information on the Right To Farm bylaw can be found through the Quick Link on this page and below.

Hadley Right To Farm Bylaw

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Matt Kushi Chair

Commission Members

Name Title
Matt Kushi Chair
Joseph Boisvert Member
Gordon Cook, Jr. Member
Michael Docter Member
Adam Goodman Member
Will Handrich Member
Allan Zuchowski Member