COVID-19 Update

Food & Prescription Delivery & Pick-up Resources Serving Hadley Residents

Please note many services are overloaded and wait times may be longer than usual. 

Mass Food Delivery:  

Farm fresh food delivered to your door. They deliver to Western Mass on a set schedule and you must order a minimum of $30 worth of food. Their delivery fee is $10.  SNAP recipients do not pay a delivery fee but they must register. 

Cornucopia Natural Wellness Market: 

Available to deliver within a 5 mi radius and for curbside pickup. Transaction done online through an online order form or ordering through Mercato on their website. 

River Valley Co-op in Northampton

River Valley Co-op reserves the hours of 9 AM-10 AM daily for older adults and people with chronic health conditions and offers curbside pickup of groceries for those 60+ or with a compromised immune system. They recommend ordering one week ahead, and then they load the groceries into your car on a scheduled pick-up date and time.  Customers may order by phone or online, and they may pay for their orders when they pick up their food with either credit cards, debit cards, or SNAP EBT cards. SNAP beneficiaries can apply for “Food For All” which would takes 10% off shopping orders.

River Valley Co- Op: 413-584-2665

Food for All info:

State Street Fruit Store, Northampton

State Street is offering curbside pickup through their online ordering system. There is a $15 minimum and orders must be be received by 6pm the day before. 

Amherst Food Delivery:

A shopping and delivery service that goes to Big Y, Aldi, Stop and Shop, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods. Surcharge is $20 or 15% the cost of the order. Orders must be submitted online, and a calendar indicates available days and days when there is no service because they are booked. 

Stop and Shop Grocery Delivery through Peapod: Current dates and times sold out but you can check back to see what is available. 

Maple Farm Foods, Hadley: Delivery available as well as curbside pick up. Delivery fee is $10 as well as a surcharge of 10% of the total cost of your order. Ordering is done through email. Call for details or assistance: 413-585-1117. 

Atkins Farm Market: Delivery and curbside pick-up available. For details: Orders may be placed online. There is a $25 minimum, a 10% assembly fee and a $10 delivery fee to residents in Hadley. 

Big Y Instacart: You must use an email address to sign in and time slots may be unavailable. Orders placed online only.

• Walmart Supercenter, Chicopee: The Chicopee Walmart will delivery groceries to Hadley and it also accepts EBT (SNAP benefit) card numbers. Orders placed online only.

Resources for families struggling with food insecurity:

Brown Bag, a free, monthly allotment of shelf-stable food from the Food Bank of W. MA, distributed by the Hadley Senior Center. Call 586-4023 and ask for Lauren Hannigan, who can help you with the application, or call the Food Bank  directly for application assistance: (413) 247-9738 or 1-800-247-9632. There are income-based eligibility requirements.

Amherst Survival Center has a food pantry that is available to Hadley residents. New pantry shoppers may go to the ASC and register to be a part of the program and pick up food on the same day. See details here: Proof of address and a filled out CDBG/COVID-19 Form are required (CDBG/COVID-19 Form may be filled out ahead of time or on-site). Assistance with the forms process is available from Lauren Hannigan, 586-4023.

Senior Mobile Nutrition Program:  The Hadley Council on Aging in partnering with the Amherst Survival Center to bring the Senior Mobile Nutrition Program to Hadley residents. This is a community driven program to assist our senior neighbors in need.   Our first delivery will be in August and will contain fresh produce, milk, eggs, cheese, bread, a protein of choice as well as vegetarian options. There will be approximately 70-80 lbs of goods.  If you are interested in this program and would like to sign up, or are experiencing any kind of food insecurity please reach out to Lauren at 586-4023.

Pharmacy Delivery Resources:
The COA does not endorse a specific pharmacy. Please check your Prescription plan for specific restrictions and your pharmacies policies. Medications that need to be refrigerated or are considered controlled substances will not be delivered (each pharmacy below is a hyperlink to their delivery information).

Local Restaurants and Businesses - Open for delivery and take-out