Building Department

Mission Statement

The mission of The Inspection Services Department is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the Town's residents and visitors through the enforcement of state and local codes, laws, bylaws and regulations.

This is one of the first departments to visit or call. The Building Official enforces the Hadley Zoning bylaws, the State Architectural Access Board Rules & Regulations 521 CMR and The State of Massachusetts Building Code 780 CMR. All building, occupancy, sign, change of use permits as well as a number of other different permits are handled through this office. The Town's Building Official can assist you in determining your zoning classification and can assist you in determining which other departments you may need to contact. You may access the State Architectural Access Board Rules & Regulations 521 CMR and The State of Massachusetts Building Code 780 CMR by going to the state website here. Remember that you must comply with all federal, state and local regulations and laws.

No building or structure shall be erected, altered, demolished or use or its land use changed without a legal written permit. The State of Massachusetts Building Code 780 CMR states that any work other than minor repairs, such as fixing a hole in a wall, floor, or ceiling, must have a building permit. When work is performed by a contractor for hire, the contractor must be licensed. This also includes performing residential work. A homeowner may request an exemption from this requirement.

Throughout the year all restaurants, nightclubs, motels, schools, churches, municipal buildings and other areas of assembly are periodically inspected for life safety issues. We check for safety hazards and various other issues within a building in order to assure that there is an increase degree of safety for all patrons, employees and the general public who might visit or occupy a structure. We take this type of inspection seriously since we also, as well as our family and friends, might visit these places. With the help of the general public by informing us of possible violations we enforce the requirements of the state building and sanitation codes.

Staff Contacts


Building Commissioner, Zoning Enforcement Officer

Electrical Inspector

Plumbing & Gas Inspector

Permitting Coordinator



Timothy Neyhart

Alternate Building Inspector

Paul Tacy

Alternate Building Inspector

David Waskiewicz

Alternate Building Inspector

Paul Miller

Alternate Electrical Inspector

Raymond Shipman

Alternate Plumbing & Gas Inspector