Committee for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are Hadley residents and community members committed to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We want to learn how it feels to live here, and how we can help all who live here feel recognized and welcomed. 

We are in the process of developing partnerships with individuals, organizations, and businesses to ensure that housing, education, public health and safety, transportation and community resources are accessible, responsive, and affirming of the diverse needs of our community.

We encourage people to give us comments and information about their experiences, so we can pursue our mission. Those — as well as suggestions for what we can do to improve the community’s openness — can be given to us in a couple of ways. (Though you’ll need to verify that you are a resident, your comments can remain anonymous to the full committee and/or general public if you wish.)

1. Attend and take part in our monthly meetings. The dates and time are posted on the Town of Hadley web site and on this page.

2. Contact us by email at

• Thanks for learning about our work.

• Tell others about it.

• Join us.

Margaret Mastrangelo


Kayla Werlin


Mark Dunn


Wayne Abercrombie

Joanne Goding

Patricia Rissmeyer

Sarah Strong

Amy Lanham

non-resident advisory member

Ada Bouthet

Hopkins representative

Jane Nevinsmith

Select Board Liaison