Hadley Matters with Sharon Howard

As you all know, Hadley is a “happening town.” There is so much going on here that it is hard to keep up. Once a month Sharon Howard will be interviewing town officials and local Hadley residents who wish to share information with the townspeople.

Episode 1 How to Understand Your Property Taxes  With Dan Zdonek / Principal Assessor, Susan Glowatsky / Town Collector, and Jane Nevinsmith / Select Board  https://youtu.be/DOhow946l5w

Episode 1 Conversation with Carolyn Brennan  
Meet the Town Administrator and learn about her interests, thoughts on town government, and how she got to be a “town government junkie” https://youtu.be/KbIlMU5rI8Q

Episode 3 Conversation with Randi Izer, the Town Moderator, and learn about his role at the town meetings  https://youtu.be/lrhyttiA-A4

Episode 4 Interview with Patrick Borezo, the Director of the Hadley Public Library @ Goodwin Library      Virtual tour of the space followed by the interview with Patrick to talk about what is currently happening at the library and future plans   https://youtu.be/hVoi-W6_108    

Episode 5 Virtual Tour of North Hadley Fire Station and Interview with Fire Chief Mike Spanknebel   https://youtu.be/gpb6eXFpxhw 

Episode 6 Conversation with Town Clerk Jessica Spanknebel,  WHAT DOES OUR TOWN CLERK DO?    Records management; Elections & Town Meeting; Annual Census; Elected and Municipal Employee Management; and more.... https://youtu.be/vUVv470lBQI

Episode 7 Conversation with Hayley Wood, the Senior Services Director to learn more about the COA and the Age- and Dementia-Friendly Hadley initiative  https://youtu.be/tj1Y-7fNOeI 

Episode 8 Conversation with Annie McKenzie Hadley Schools Superintendent   https://youtu.be/Q6kYkQ0U8gw

Episode 9 Conversation with Lisa West, Hadley Quilt Story                           https://youtu.be/tyvJDYnKf5E   

Episode 10 Conversation with Hadley Building Inspector -Tom Quinlan, Jr.        https://youtu.be/2rdTGFY4YlY 

Episode 11 Conversation with Hadley Town Treasurer Linda Sanderson  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U18iDLzZhM

Episode 12 Conversation with Hadley Police Chief Mike Manson   https://youtu.be/3pQa8kUyAPc 

Episode 13 Sharon Howard interviews Jen Trovato, Human Resources Manager for the Town                  of Hadley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TSiAODCDNY

Episode 14 Sharon Howard interviews Jane Nevinsmith, Hadley Resident https://youtu.be/VpR3cgbIY_E








Conversation with Carolyn Brennan / Meet the Town Administrator