Unattended dogs in vehicles

The Hadley Police Department is contacted almost daily during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months reporting dogs being left in hot cars. There is no specific temperature that it is "safe" to leave an animal in a vehicle, as the inside temperature of a vehicle can be affected by the amount of sunlight alone. It is highly suggested that dog owners leave their dogs at home on days where your car's air conditioning is needed to keep you comfortable. In the event a responding officer(s) deems is necessary to remove an animal from a vehicle due to the heat, the owner will likely be charged a pick-up fee, daily kenneling fees, as well as a fine for violation of town by-law. In extreme temperature conditions, criminal charges may be sought. Dogs that are in distress as a result of heat will be rescued and brought to the closest veterinarians' office for treatment. Criminal charges will likely be filed in these situations.