Fees and Fines

The Town of Hadley by-laws allow for the following schedule of fees for the pick-up and storage of dogs running at large:

  • 1st Offense - $15.00
  • 2nd Offense - $25.00
  • 3rd Offense - $50.00

There is also a $25.00 per day fee associated with the daily care of each dog. Please note that the Town of Hadley may also utilize a local kennel during anytime that the Hadley Pound is found to be inadequate for the safe holding of dogs. Any fees associated with this will be the responsibility of the dog owner. All fees are due prior to pick-up. Fines may also be applied in addition to the fees for repeat offenses.

Fines for the violation of town by-laws are $100.00 for the first offense and $300 for the second or subsequent offenses.