Animal Control

Lieutenant Mitchell Kuc and Animal Control Officer (A.C.O.) Kyle Dragon of the Hadley Police Department are the Town's Animal Control Officers. The Hadley Police Department can be reached at (413) 584-0883.

A.C.O.'s responds to a variety of calls, most commonly those pertaining to the care and control of dogs.

Town of Hadley residents and visitors to the town are required by state law and town by-laws to care for, control, and clean-up after, any domesticated animal for which they are responsible for. Caring for an animal includes, but is not limited to, providing each animal with food, shelter, and water. Controlling an animal includes but is not limited to, keeping each animal within the confines of a resident's property and if outside those boundaries, keeping each animal restrained on a leash. Clean-up is defined as to "...remove and dispose of any feces left by his or her dog an any sidewalk, street, or other public area". Citizens are also required to remove and dispose of feces left on the private property of another. Please click here for the complete by-law.

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Animal Control Officer