Composting Guidlines at Transfer Station

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Implementation of Composting Services
Composting Flyer
The organics collection program is available to permit holders at no additional cost.  It is available to permit holders that use the facility for ‘full services’ and available to permit holders that choose to use the facility for food waste/organics collection services only.   

The program is for “kitchen type scraps” only.  It is limited to one 5-gallon pail (or equivalent) per permit holder once a week.

General Parameters

  • Available to all permit holders.
  • Each user must hold their own permit. Services may not be shared among multiple households or users.
  • Volume is limited to a 5-gallon pail weekly or equivalent.
  • Acceptable materials include organics/food waste, produce, etc. (See materials list)
  • Leaf and yard waste materials will continue to be managed separate from this program.
  • Delivery of unacceptable, contaminating materials may result revocation of the user permit.