Town of Hadley COVID Response - Town now in line with all MASS State Orders

The Town of Hadley is in now in line with all Massachusetts state orders for COVID 10 to see the current orders and  the Governor's Order for Face Covering to be relaxed in some outdoor settings( Please see below)  - please visit MASS.GOV  to ready the full executive order.

Face Coverings Order: 

Effective April 30th, the Face Coverings Order will be relaxed for some outdoor settings.

Face coverings will only be required outside in public when it is not possible to socially distance, and at other times required by sector-specific guidance.

Face coverings will still be required at all times in indoor public places. Face coverings will also continue to be required at all times at events, whether held indoors or outdoors and whether held in a public space or private home, except for when eating or drinking.

At smaller gatherings in private homes, face coverings are recommended but not required. The $300 fine as an enforcement mechanism will be eliminate