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Cross Connection
Cross-connections that contaminate drinking water distribution lines are a major concern. A cross-connection is formed at any point where a drinking water line connects to equipment (boilers), systems containing chemicals (air conditioning systems, fire sprinkler systems, irrigation systems), or water sources of questionable quality. Cross-connection contamination can occur when the pressure in the equipment or system is greater than the pressure inside the drinking water line (backpressure). Contamination can also occur when the pressure in the drinking water line drops due to fairly routine occurrences (main breaks, heavy water demand), causing contaminants to be sucked out from the equipment and into the drinking water line (backsiphonage).  Outside water taps and garden hoses tend to be the most common sources of cross-connection contamination at home. The garden hose creates a hazard when submerged in a swimming pool or when attached to a chemical sprayer for weed killing. Garden hoses that are left lying on the ground may be contaminated by fertilizers, cesspools, or garden chemicals. Improperly installed valves in your toilet could also be a source of cross-connection contamination. Community water supplies are continuously jeopardized by cross-connections unless appropriate valves, known as backflow prevention devices, are installed and maintained.

For more information, review the Cross-Connection Control Manual from the U.S. EPA’s Website - Click Here

You can also call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791.

Residential Customers:  All lawn irrigation systems must have a backflow prevention device.

Non-Residential Customers:

All non-residential customers must be surveyed to determine if a cross connection exists.

All owners of Cross Connection devices:
  • Must comply with Hadley CC Regulations & MADEP 310 CMR 22.22
  • For new devices must submit a Backflow Prevention Device Data Sheet for approval
  • Make suitable arrangements so inspections can occur during reg. business hours
  • Will be surveyed every 5 years by a representative of the Hadley DPW, Water Division
  • Tests for RP devices are done in May/June and Nov/Dec by a Hadley Water Division certified tester; Tests for DC/ PVB devices are done annually in May/June. Price $75 per test
  • If device fails, it must be repaired, replaced and retested within 14 days.
  • Must maintain spare parts kits and any special tools required for the removal and reassembly of the device.

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