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Lawn Irrigation Systems
Hadley MA Water Division Regulations: 425-21 Lawn Irrigation Systems

The public system of well, distribution lines and storage tanks was not designed or intended to provide the added capability of unrestricted irrigation of lawns.  Such water withdrawal, particularly during the growing season, depletes groundwater levels within the associated recharge zones.

A.  All lawn irrigation systems connected to the municipal water system of the Town of Hadley shall be permitted with the Water Division. A fee will be charged for this registration. Click for Water Application

B.  All lawn irrigation systems installed on private property shall:
1)  Be set back from Town property lines and roadways in order to avoid damage to the irrigation system and/or irrigation heads when excavating water mains or when plowing during the winter season.
2)  Include a backflow prevention device.
3)  Include a moisture meter or similar device to automatically shut off the system during wet weather.
4)  Be designed so that the water does not overspray onto public streets and drains.
5)  Be designed to apply water during cooler parts of the day and when water demands are lower (late evening and early morning.)
6)  Be designed to apply infrequent (no more than twice per week) but heavy applications (approximately one inch, but no more than one inch, per week) of water to encourage deep root growth and drought resistance.
7)  Be adjusted to water at two-hour increments and be on a timer set to meet periodic odd/even water requirements instituted by the Water Division

C.  All lawn irrigations system shall be subject to odd/even water restrictions and other water restrictions as may be imposed under the Town of Hadley Restriction Bylaw. Click here for Restrictions.

D.  Failure to comply with the requirements of this secion may result in fines, and continued violation may results in termination of water service in accordance with these regulations.

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