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Water & Sewer User Fees

About your Water & Sewer Bill:

All users, abutters and owners of developed property which can be directly served by public water and sewer are subject to the water & sewer fees.  In Hadley, with few exceptions, all have water service, however, not all areas of Town have sewer service.  

The owner of a property is ultimately responsible for all water/sewer user fees, even if the property is a rental property.  Upon request, a tenant of a property can be billed, however, a tenant's failure to pay a water/sewer bill does not relieve the property owner of their ultimate responsiblity for the billing.

Billing Cycle:

Water & Sewer bills are issued quarterly.  The first cycle is issued August 1st due September 1st, the second cycle is issued November 1st due December 1st, the third cycle is issued February 1st due March 1st and the fourth cycle is issued May1st due June 1st.

Questions about your Water/Sewer bill:

Should you have a question regarding how your bill is calculated, please contact the Collector's Office at 584-4246.  Should your question pertain to the amount of usage, please contact the Water Department at 586-8756.


Requests for abatement must be made on an approved abatement form and must be submitted to the Selectboard.  The Selectboard, as Water & Sewer Commissioners, has sole authority to approve or deny abatements.

Unpaid Water & Sewer User Fees:

If your Water & Sewer bill remains unpaid after the due date, interest will accrue at a rate of 14%.  Demand notices are only issued after the Fourth Cycle billing remains delinquent.  A demand of $15.00 is added to the billing.  Fees that continue to be delinquent will be liened to the third quarter Real Estate Bill.  A lien fee of $20.00 for Water and $20.00 for Sewer is assessed as well.

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