Town of Hadley MA
100 Middle Street, Hadley, MA 01035
ph: (413) 586-0221
fx: (413) 586-5661
Select Board
Contact TypeContact Information
, Assistant Procurement Officer and Licensing Coordinator
100 Middle Street,   
Hadley ,MA 01035 
Monday - Friday 9 AM to 4 PM
First, and Third Wednesdays of each month, 7:00pm and other meetings as needed
The current meeting schedulue is:
November 7th, and 14th
December 5th and 12th
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Chair & Public Safety Departments Liaison
Clerk & General Government Liaison and Library
Member & Park and Rec, and Veterans Liaison
Member & Education Liaison
Member & Department of Public Works Liaison

The Hadley Select Board
Hadley, Massachusetts

The members of the Hadley Select Board, in their roles as elected officials and citizens of the town, strive to create and sustain the highest achievable level of quality of life for the residents, employees and visitors in the Town of Hadley.

To achieve this mission the members of the Select Board, individually and collectively:

Work in close cooperation with the town’s and region’s public safety departments and organizations.  The members of the Select Board are Police Commissioners and Fire Commissioners and in these capacities provide departmental oversight, policies and procedures, budgeting, and hiring/firing functions for the town’s Police and Fire Departments.

Work in close cooperation with the town’s Department of Public Works (DPW) which includes the town’s Highway Division, Wastewater Division and Water Division.  In their role as Highway, Waste Water and Water commissioners the Select Board is responsible for oversight, policies and procedures, budgeting and hiring/firing functions for the DPW and its three divisions.

Work in close cooperation with all the business offices and employees of the town, whether elected or appointed including, but not limited to the Town Clerk, the Town Collector, the Town Assessor, The Town Accountant, the Town Treasurer, The Town Building Inspector, the Town Electrical Inspector, the Town Plumbing Inspector, the Town Gas Inspector.  In many cases the Select Board is the licensing authority regarding business-related affairs of the town.

Work in close cooperation with the Town Administrator, town business offices, and town departments and organizations to create efficient budgets that support on-going operations, improvements to operations, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure, and long-term planning, while avoiding unnecessary tax increases.

Work to support robust inter- and intra-departmental communications and efficiencies, and to support professional growth and full-utilization of employee and volunteer skills and interests in the service to the town.

Work to support open communications with residents, local businesses, and visitors to the town and to support efforts to meet requests from these constituents when they align with the greater good for the town.

Key to the Select Board’s efforts and success is a strong, close working relationship with the Town Administrator.  The Town Administrator is the primary interface between Select Board members and people and organizations needing town services.  Please contact the Town Administrator with questions and concerns.  It is likely the Administrator will be able to assist you.  Please also contact the Select Board, as a board or individually, with questions and concerns.  We want to hear from you!