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Policies & Procedures
Formerly known as COUNCIL ON AGING BYLAWS OF MARCH 1, 1973

(Revised February 22 and October 9 and 22, 1982)
(Revised October 11, 1983 by unanimous vote of the Council)
(Revised December 12, 1995 by unanimous vote of the Council)
(Revised January 14, 1997 by unanimous vote of the Council)
(Revised October 14, 1997 by unanimous vote of the Council)
(Revised December 9, 2008 by unanimous vote of the Council.)

    Pursuant to the provisions of the General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8B, there is hereby established a Council on Aging consisting of 7 voting members appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  The members shall be residents and registered voters of the Town of Hadley.  A full term shall be 3 years.  Whenever a vacancy occurs in the Council membership for any reason, the Council requests participation in the member selection process prior to such vacancy being filled by the Board of Selectmen.  A successor may fill a vacancy for an unexpired term.

        To identify the total needs of the community’s elderly population; to educate the community and enlist the support and participation of all citizens concerning these needs; to design, promote, or implement services to fill these needs or coordinate existing services in the community; and to promote any other programs that are designed to assist elderly activities in the community.
    Said Council on Aging shall cooperate with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and other elder service providers and shall be cognizant of all state and federal legislation concerning funding, information change, and program planning which exists for better community programming for the elderly.  
     Said Council on Aging shall prepare an Annual Report.  A copy of this report shall be submitted to the Board of Selectmen by the date which they set; and a copy shall be mailed to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs and others as requested.
    Said Council on Aging members shall serve voluntarily and shall not be paid for their services.  Members shall be expected to carry out any responsibility delegated to them by the Chairperson.  To have the Council function effectively, each member shall be willing to assume some responsibility.  Provision of any additional services beyond the usual and regular member responsibilities may be compensated at the current rate of pay for that particular service.
   Said Council members and personnel shall maintain confidentiality at all times.

    The Council shall meet monthly from September through June.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as required.  All meetings are posted according to the Open Meeting Law.  A quorum of 4 appointed members may conduct business at any regular meeting of the Council.  In case of an extreme emergency, the Chairperson may take a telephone poll of the members as permissible.  Members of the Council are expected to attend all meetings.  Any member who is absent excessively without good cause shall be asked to resign in order that a new member may be appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

    Upon notification from the Board of Selectmen that an Annual Budget is to be prepared by each Town department, the Chairperson with the Senior Services Director shall prepare a tentative Council on Aging Annual Budget for review by Council members.  After all changes have been incorporated and the Council has accepted the budget, the final copy shall be prepared for presentation to the Town Administrator, Finance Committee or other appropriate officials.

    These policies and procedures, or any section thereof, may be amended or repealed by a majority vote of the Council at any stipulated meeting.  Written notice of such proposed changes shall be mailed to each member of the Council at least 10 days prior to the meeting at which such proposed changes shall be submitted to vote.

    The Senior Services Director for the Council on Aging is a paid employee of the Town and is administratively responsible for the duties set forth by the Council in the job description specifically pertaining to that position.

    When the workload warrants it, part-time personnel to assist the Senior Services Director may be hired as finances allow upon approval by the Council members.

    The Council on Aging shall have the power to hire, discharge, and prescribe duties and compensation for all paid staff members in accordance with the Town’s policies for personnel.

    The officers of the Council on Aging shall be: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    The election of officers shall be held at the June meeting of the Council.  All officers shall be elected by a vote of a majority of the Council members for one-year terms to coincide with the Council’s fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).
    All officers of the Council may be elected for two terms, but then must retire at least one year before again being eligible for that particular office.  Election to another office is permissible.

  • Chairperson—The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings and be responsible for arranging a time and place to meet and for preparing an agenda for inclusion in the notice of meetings.
The Chairperson shall act as spokesperson of the Council in its relations with the public.  The Chairperson shall lead without domination and keep extraneous or repetitious arguments to a minimum without repressing members from voicing their ideas.  The Chairperson is elected annually as are all officers.
  • Vice-Chairperson—The Vice-Chairperson shall preside in the absence of the Chairperson and perform functions normally assigned to the Chairperson whenever the occasion calls.
  • Secretary—The Secretary shall be responsible for recording minutes of all meetings, and the Director shall place them on file in the Council office.  The Secretary shall assist with other correspondence as needed.
  • Treasurer—The Treasurer shall be authorized to sign all bills and salary vouchers.  In the event that the Treasurer is not available, the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson shall be permitted to sign.
    If any officer resigns, the office shall be filled by vote of the Council members present.

    Honorary members may be appointed by the Council in recognition of meritorious service to the Council.  An Honorary member must have served as a regular Council member.  Honorary members may make suggestions or advise the Council but will not have voting privileges.  Honorary members may also serve on committees as requested by the Council Chairperson.