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You may be eligible to reduce a portion of the taxes assessed on your domicile if you meet the qualifications for one of the personal exemptions allowed under Massachusetts Law. Qualifications vary, but generally relate to age, ownership, residency, income and/or assets.

You may be eligible for an exemption if you fall into any of these categories:
  • Legally Blind
  • Veteran with a service connected disability
  • Surviving spouse
  • Minor child of deceased parent
  • Senior citizen age 70 and older
More detailed information about the qualifications for each type of exemption may be obtained from the Board of Assessors.

Who may file an application?
You may file an application if you meet all qualifications for a personal exemption as of July 1st. You may also apply if you are the administrator/executor of an estate of a person that qualified as of July 1st.

Where and when must I file for an exemption?
Your application must be filed with the Board of Assessors by December 15th or 3 months after the actual tax bills are mailed for that fiscal year. The normal time frame for filing starts as of July 1st and ends approximately the end of the following March. THIS DEADLINE CANNOT BE EXTENDED FOR ANY REASON.

Filing an application does not stay the collection of your taxes. To avoid the loss of rights or additional charges, you should pay the tax as assessed. If there is an overpayment due to the exemption, you will be issued a refund.

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